A series of pedagogical projects


Education is central to the Africa2020 Season, since the Season has been designed as a learning platform with a participative production of knowledge and information. Apart from the various audience outreach programmes run by partner organisations, the will to transfer knowledge have resulted in an agreement between UNESCO and France, as well as a series of pedagogical projects.

strategic partnership between the africa2020 and the ministry of national education, youth and sports

The Africa2020 Season is resolutely geared towards youth and training. That is why the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports has been fully involved in organising the Season, by launching a call for educational projects in all the académies (school districts), as of September 2019.

Over 300 projects have been submitted to the Africa2020 division, and 274 have been accredited for the Season. These projects will be promoted throughout the entire school year.

Co-designed with African partners, these projects are extremely diverse and will be promoted in primary, middle and high schools in France and Africa, and rolled out in each académie by Africa2020 committees. 

Driven by national platforms (cinema, education in the visual image, music, etc.), this beautiful dynamic is also supported by the generation of resources (in partnership with the Canopé network) and large-scale educational partnerships.

Discover some fifteen of these remarkable projects which bear witness to the educational teams' investment in a unique Season, giving schools an opportunity  to present Africa's prominent place in the world today, and the one it will hold in the future.

Signature of an agreement between UNESCO and France

In 1964, UNESCO called upon the greatest African and international experts at the time to produce the General History of Africa (GHA) and promote an African perspective of the continent’s history. The production of the eight volumes of the GHA involved contributions from over 230 specialists for over 35 years. This pioneering work covers the history of the entire African continent, from the appearance of humans to contemporary times. This History closely connects the destiny of Africa with the one of humanity, highlighting its relationships with other continents and the contribution of African cultures to the general development of humanity. The eight volumes are now available to download on open access in several languages, on unescodoc, UNESCO’s digital library.

In March 2009, the African Union asked UNESCO to produce pedagogical tools  from the eight volumes of the GHA. Made available to the African States in order to be included in primary to secondary school curriculums, the goal of these tools is to harmonise the education of the History of Africa throughout the continent.

On the occasion of the Africa2020 Season, the General Commissioner suggested offering, in the name of Africa, the pedagogical tools of the GHA to France. Entrusted to the Ministry of National Education and Youth, this material will be made available to teachers throughout France.

Mentoring program implemented by France Volontaires, in partnership with the Institut français, the Agence française de Développement and the Civic Service Agency. 

In the context of a volunteering programme based on reciprocity set up for Africa2020, a dozen young Africans will join the teams of the Africa2020 HQs and other partner institutions of the Season. Each young volunteer will commit to civic service engagement in France for a period ranging from six to twelve months, with a view to transmitting knowledge and practices. This programme relies on structures in both France and Africa in a spirit of partnership. It also includes support for young persons at the end of their volunteering period to help them develop their "future project".

Pedagogical project in higher education

Higher education institutions have included an Africa2020 project in their 2020/2021 curriculum.


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