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The September Summit



Initially scheduled to take place in September 2020 and postponed on account of the health crisis, the September Summit retains its name and will take place all through March 2021. 

The Africa2020 Season is a platform to share and discuss issues surrounding the state of contemporary societies, which, beyond Africa, finds an echo in France and in the rest of the world. The September Summit is focused on the production and dissemination of thoughts and consists of forums and exchanges in higher education and cultural institutions. It will be a highlight dedicated to the discussion of ideas.

African thinkers, scientists and creators will hold discussions on the five themes of the Season: 

  • Augmented orality
  • Economy and fabulation
  • Archiving of imaginary stories
  • Fiction and (un)authorised movements
  • Systems of disobedience.

About the forum and the conversations

Each forum – lasting between half a day to two days – will be developed in partnership with an eminent guest or an African institution, and will bring together intellectuals (historians, philosophers, social science and policy experts), scientists, and creators (artists, architects, writers, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, etc.).

Each conversation will consist of a two-hour long discussion between two well-known figures from various professional sectors and revolve around a same issue

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Sponsored by

  • République Française
  • Institut Français
  • Agence Française de développement
  • Conseil présidentiel pour l'Afrique