Headquarters (HQ) Africa2020

Pan-African cultural centers


Each headquarter (HQ), hosted by a cultural institution, is designed as a small temporary pan-African cultural centrer accommodating several multidisciplinary projects (exhibitions, shows, concerts, film projections, round tables, master classes, creative workshops, culinary experiences).

Each HQ, set up by an African team in partnership with the hosting organisation, develops a programme with African associations and experts in cultural audience outreach lasting several weeks, and resonating with one or several of the main themes of the Africa2020 Season. The idea behind setting up the headquarters is to increase the number of opportunities for the African people involved (operators, artists, scholars) and the French public to meet. An Africa2020 HQ encourages areas of dialogue focussing on the challenges of the 21st century led by the Season. The creation of Headquarters in various French cities allows to develop a closer relationship with local communities that will be able to associate the Season with a permanent space. A HQ is a friendly meeting place, where people can discuss, exchange ideas, experiment and also obtain information on the projects proposed in the region and in the rest of France.


Château-Thierry HQ - 2 to 19 December 2020

Metz HQ - 7 to 12 December 2020

Bobigny HQ - 10 to 20 December 2020

Grenoble HQ - 14 to 23 December 2020

Paris Goutte d'Or HQ - 2 February to end of July 2021

Montpellier HQ - 17 February to 7 March 2021

Roubaix HQ - 12 March to 11 July 2021

Rennes HQ - 27 March to 3 April 2021

Nantes HQ - 9 to 23 April 2021

Fort-de-France HQ - 19 April to 30 May 2021

Paris Champs-Élysées HQ - Early May to end of June 2021

Pointe-à-Pitre HQ - 21 May to 20 June 2021

Marseille HQ - 4 June to 4 July 2021

Cayenne HQ - 7 to 21 June 2021

Saint-Denis (93) HQ - 24 June to 15 July 2021


Sponsored by

  • République Française
  • Institut Français
  • Agence Française de développement
  • Conseil présidentiel pour l'Afrique