Africa2020 Season


An invitation to look at and understand the world from an African perspective

N'Goné Fall,General Commissioner of the Africa2020 Season

The new generation of artists from Africa are going to take you by storm and the time has come.

Angélique Kidjo,Godmother of the Africa2020 Season
Omar Victor Diop

Africa2020 Season, is a cordial invitation…Welcome to a celebration of creativity, packed with some real treasures, secrets, age-old know-how and revolutionary ideas. We share.

Omar Victor Diop,Photographer, author of the Africa2020 Season posters
Saison Africa 2020

Saison Africa 2020



Come and discover the many projects of the Africa2020 Season, all over France!

This extraordinary Season took place in an unprecedented context. If the Covid-19 gave us a hard time, in 10 months we have carried out more than 1,500 projects in 210 cities in mainland and overseas French territories, in partnership with 422 organizations in France and 489 in Africa. The Africa2020 Season gathered more than 4 million spectators.

"This human adventure is not over. A new page will open tomorrow, because this Season is only one chapter in the long history of a global pan-African movement of which we are the heirs and the architects. We are conveyors and transmitters of currents of thought that have been, for centuries, inspiring and impacting creative minds on all continents."
N'Goné Fall, general commissioner of the Africa2020 Season.


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