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The Africa2020 Season is resolutely geared towards youth and youth training. That is why the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports has been fully involved in organising this major event. The Ministry wishes to take this opportunity to present to students the prominent place of Africa in the world today and the one it will hold in the future.

This year is designed to serve as an important moment to engage in a multidisciplinary pedagogical thinking. This effort will be reflected in the large number of national and academic training programs for teachers

During the entire Season and beyond, the Ministry will be involved in several ways:


274 accredited educational projects

Launched in September 2019 by the Delegation for European and International Relations and Cooperation (DREIC), the Africa2020 call for projects has been communicated to all the académies. A total of 274 projects have been accredited (20 of which have accredited as "remarkable") by the accreditation committee, co-chaired by the General Commissioner of the Africa2020 Season N’Goné Fall, together with the General Inspectorate for Education, Sport and Research (IGÉSR)

The full list of projects can be found on the Eduscol Website.

20 projects were accredited as "remarkable" across mainland France and in the overseas territories:

• "An artistic approach supporting civic engagement", Lycée Grandmont in Tours (Orléans-Tours Académie). Enabling different cultures to meet to avoid stereotypes. Cultural workshops on writing and slammed presentation, with the participation of the Conseil de la Vie lycéenne (National Council of Lycées Students - CVL).
• "Terres d’Afrique" (Lands of Africa), Lycée Jay de Beaufort in Périgueux (Bordeaux Académie). Discovery of Africa through the study of works by African women writers.
• « Produire et travailler pour un Sénégal vert », ” (Towards a green Senegal through work and production), Lycée Jean Macé in Lanester (Academic region of Brittany). Joint building of kayaks for the Summer Youth Olympics in Senegal (2022) and comparative thinking on sustainable development.
• « Cette terre qui nous lie », (This land that binds us), Collège Les Célestins in Vichy (Clermont-Ferrand Académie). Restoring the link between the middle school and the Niafunké circle in Mali around the contemporary production of ceramic objects.
• « Créons, dégustons, partageons ! », (Let us create, enjoy, and share!), Collège Willy Ronis in Champigny-sur-Marne (Créteil Académie). Preparation of a joint meal by videoconference with two guest Chefs (Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire) alongside a study of the arts in contemporary Africa.
• « Akwabaa Naïja», (Welcome to Nigeria), Collège Jules Michelet in Pointe-à-Pître (Guadeloupe Académie). A study of Nigerian music and its influence on world music, from Fela Kuti to the present day (geography, English, music education) in conjunction with the Lycée Louis Pasteur in Lagos (Nigeria).
• « Correspondances croisées », (Intersecting correspondences), École Boileau-Pasteur in Roubaix (Lille Académie). Comparison of living environments through an exchange of correspondence (me, my school, my neighbourhood) with schools in Benin and Madagascar.
• « Partage des déchets », (Shared waste reduction), École des Deux Chênes in Chaponost (Lyon Académie). Development of green eco-civic initiatives to reduce plastic use in partnership with the Gon Boussougou school (Senegal).
• « Des cigognes en Afrique », (Storks in Africa), École régionale du premier degré (Strasbourg Académie). Creation of a musical show called « La voie des cigognes » together with African artists from Senegal.
« Echange scolaire franco-marocain », (Student exchange between France and Morocco), Collège Félix Buhot de Valognes (Academic region of Normandy). Promote cultural and civic openness amongst pupils by organising an exchange and reciprocal mobility with the school group Les Quatre temps in Rabat (Morocco).
• « Jeunes producteurs », (Young Producers), La Visite vocational school and Lycée hôtelier in Marseille (Aix-Marseille Académie). Enrolment of high school students in the “Jeunes producteurs” programme, and creation of a contemporary artwork pertaining to artist Emeka Ogboh (Nigeria). Discovery of contemporary African creation.
• « Bastié, Culture, Confiance, Découverte », (Bastié, Culture, Trust, Discovery), Collège Bastié in Dole (Besançon Académie). Study by Year 9 pupils and SEGPA pupils (Adapted General Education and Vocational Sections) of the creation of a Berber village (Morocco) on the theme of Sustainable Development and Growth: A shared future?
• « Simulateur de vol franco-sénégalais », (Franco-Senegalese flight simulator), Saint Exupéry vocational school in Blagnac (Toulouse Académie). Building of simulators and blowers as part of an aeronautics training certificate with the high school students of Thiès (Senegal) within the framework of a Trades and Qualifications Campus (CMQ) and a multidisciplinary project (mathematics, French, history).
• « L’Afrique à travers les langues orales et écrites », (Africa through oral and written languages), DSDEN in Poitiers/INSPé (National Education Services Directorate/Institute for Education and Professorship) (Poitiers Académie). Work on language teaching by future teachers in training during a mission in Africa.
• « Des pas et des passerelles », (Building bridges, one step at a time), Collège les Aigrettes in Saint-Gilles-les-Bains (Reunion Island Académie). Production of artistic works under the guidance of a Malagasy artist by pupils working in the framework of an interdisciplinary practical instruction on the theme « regards croisés sur la représentation de l’autre » ("intersecting views on the representation of the other "). Real, fantasised, and reinvented identity.
• « Africa2020 – Nancy Koudougou », International high school in Nancy (Nancy-Metz Académie). Dialogue between French and Burkinabe students (Benebnooma high school and vocational training center) through the creation of radio shows
• « Regards croisés entre le Bénin et la France », (Intersecting views between Benin and France), Jules Verne primary school in Montpellier (Montpellier Académie). Study of contemporary art and dance with African artists and creation by the students of a dance show.
• « La pollution textile », (Textile pollution), Elisa Lemonnier vocational school (Paris Académie). Study of textile pollution and recycling in Africa based on traditional African patterns and their contemporary ownership by the students, as part of the Africa 2020 project and the production of masterpieces
• « Les langues de notre environnement », (Languages of our Environment), Collège Maria Ghjentile in Saint Florent (Corsica Académie). Production of a multilingual brochure with middle school pupils from Kotonou (Benin) on the topic of shared languages and shared water.
• « Projet d’échanges et de coopération », (Exchange and cooperation project), École Jacques Prévert in Entrelacs (Grenoble Académie). Development of a multidisciplinary project around sustainable development, cinema and mutual discovery with pupils from Senegal.

Exclusive partnerships

The Africa2020 Season is driving a large number of projects. These include national initiatives, such as creating a repertoire of songs (with Radio France), showcasing the African film scene (with Cinewax and Africultures) or organising a digital exhibition on contemporary African society which can be downloaded. And they also include international initiatives through French institutions abroad that have put forward projects for accreditation (Agency for French Education Abroad and Mission laïque française).

Educational resources

The Ministry of National Education has called upon all its players and operators in order to identify and produce innovative resources for students and teachers alike.

A collection of educational resources in several disciplines
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Resources developed in partnership with Le Réseau Canopé
 3 Africa2020 quizzes (elementary, middle and high school)
Teaching sequences in several disciplines
Teaching sheets s for the screening of African films exceptionally added to the “Primary schools at the movie theatre”, “Middle and High Schools at the movie theatre” and “Trainees at the movie theatre” programmes

An artistic education handbook for every nursery school
With this handbook, nursery schoolteachers can help their pupils discover 7 contemporary Africa artists across 7 different disciplines.

50 teaching sheets produced using Unesco’s General History of Africa
With these sheets, teachers can present contents that fit the chronological order of History based on the school level as well as learning sequences in modern languages (English, Portuguese, Arabic and Spanish) in physical education and sports education...

Specific publications

The involvement of National Education can also be seen in the publications aimed at pupils and teachers, thanks to the support of the Africa2020 Season Committee of Patrons.

Teacher training

The Africa2020 Season seems like the right opportunity to offer French teachers multidisciplinary training courses, leading to a reshaping of the teaching of Africa in school curricula.

• A National Training Programme: Reshaping the teaching of Africa
This seminar was an opportunity to reflect on how to deconstruct representations and offer multidisciplinary teaching and educational solutions designed to be implemented in the académies.

• Training for teacher-librarians
This training is designed to equip these members of the staff and help them develop sequences and projects related to modern-day Africa. This training 7 could serve as a guiding principle for the education policy of middle and high school institutions.

• A Focus named “Discovering the Diversity of Africa” aimed at elementary schoolteachersThis Focus presents ways of discovering artists and the diversity of modernday Africa. It invites pupils aged 9 to 11 to cast a critical eye on how they view the continent.

Emblematic initiatives of the Education part


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