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This project is part of the education component of the Africa2020 Season

École Duperré offers training for careers in fashion, environmental and graphic design, and also provides excellent training in textile art (embroidery, weaving and tapestry) and ceramics. In this school, students are at the crossroads between crafts and design, with skills and innovation being placed at the heart of the creative process. In 2021, the school will invite two African fashion designers to join the training programme.

Fashion design goes hand in hand with the issue of local sourcing. The first project, held with haute-couture designer Imane Ayissi will try and address this issue. Which African resources are conducive to the growth of local fashion design? What kind of creativity can take place within the local handicrafts, skills and productions? This second project held with designer Stella Atal and developed in partnership with the creative textile laboratory, will consist in a prospective assessment of local natural materials. The aim will be to develop the full potential or the qualities of local sourcing to make the most of local resources and their uses.



Imane Ayissi (Cameroon)

Imane was born in Cameroon. Nowadays, he shares his time between Yaoundé and Paris where he settled in the 1990s. Dancer, model as well as a fashion designer, he has worked with leading names. To produce his collections, he regularly draws inspiration from the various cultures of his native continent.
-› Imane Ayissi website

Stella Atal (Uganda)

Stella is a Ugandan fashion designer, entrepreneur and coach. Trained as an artist, she has been working in the world of fashion since 2007, producing her brand, “Atalstella”. In 2016, she settled in Paris to develop her expertise and initiate research on the French fashion industry and educational system.
-› Stella Atal website

Photo credit : Fabrice Malard

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