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Comic of the month - December

By Reine Dibussi

About the author:

Reine Dibussi is a French and Cameroonian 2D illustrator, author and writer of comic books. After earning an undergraduate diploma in English literature, she joined the Émile Cohl Art College in Lyon. In 2017, she self-published volume 1 of her sci-fi teen comic Mulatako in Cameroon and France. Reine Dibussi has taken part in festivals in Cameroon, Congo, Switzerland and France, and also participated in Minga et la Cuillère Cassée, a Cameroonian feature-length animation. In 2019, Google chose her to create a Doodle to celebrate Cameroon’s Indomitable Lionesses at the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Reine is currently preparing the publication of the second volume of her comic Mulatako and has various other publishing projects in the pipeline.

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