Yannick Deubou Sikoue

Comic of the month - June

By Yannick Deubou Sikoue

About the author: 

Yannick Deubou Sikoué fell in love with comics and stories at a young age, leading him to study fine arts and the history of art at the University of Yaoundé.  

He collaborated on the collective album Dans l'enfer du H'rig released by Morcoccan publisher Nouiga. Visions d'Afrique, another collective album that brings together adaptations of hard-hitting works on colonialism, was published in 2010 by Harmattan. It was written by Jean-François Chanson with Yannick Deubou Sikoué adapting the Joseph Conrad’s short story Outpost of Progress.  

In 2013, he founded Waanda Stoudio to promote and distribute comics in Cameroon. In the same year, the company published On est ensemble, a collection of short stories narrating the daily lives of Cameroon’s people. In 2014, Yannick Deubou Sikoué begun a new venture with the magazine "Ekiéé", for which he is the writer and occasional artist. The periodical brought the distinctive work of new talents such as Paul Monthé and Cédric Minlo'o to the public’s attention.  

Alongside his work as an author, Yannick Deubou Sikoué is also a member of Collectif A3, an organisation of Cameroonian artists that has organised the Mboa Comics Festival since 2010. In 2013, he created Waanda Stoudio, a publishing house and graphics studio that publishes Ekiée and Android Night, and also manages the www.waandacomics.com distribution platform.

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